How to Choose the RIGHT CATERER for your party?

Have you ever encounter situations like this? Thinking about where you should bring your relatives to eat or tired of Makan outside with your colleagues? Why don't you organize your own Makan party? Here are some AWESOME tips from deliCCia on how to choose a good caterer and have a Makan party LIKE A BOSS.

1) Identify your guests

First and foremost, you need to know who is attending your PARTY. Make sure you know what kind of food your guests prefer and what they dislike. Be aware of what your colleagues, friends or relatives are allergic to or any special dietary. They can feel your love if you care for their tummy too.

2) Confirm the number of people that are attending the event

Next, you got to confirm the total attendance of your event. At the same time, this will help you to decide the portion that you are going to order from your caterer and ensure no food is waste in your event. Food wasting is NOT COOL.

3) Research and compare your catering options

On the other hand, you can ask your friends, relatives and even your colleagues for recommendations. Look at what type of events has been done by the caterer in the past and the reviews from others about them. See whether that they are able to provide the services you need.

4) Finalize your budget

Set a realistic budget, it will be helpful to your caterer. When you are setting a budget, emphasize on the value rather than just pricing. Who knows the caterer might come up with better suggestion that can surprise you.

5) Confirmation of order

Last but not least, don't forget to discuss the terms of payment with your caterer. You are required to pay the deposit to your caterer prior of the event. Once everything is finalized, just ensure that a simple documentation of the discussion between you and the caterer is in place. Make sure you prepared a written agreement with the caterer.

deliCCia is a social enterprise that aims to empower Malaysian women by providing quality catering and food delivery services for various events, be it large or small. From urban poor housewives to single mothers, all products from Deliccia are exclusively prepared by a group of committed and determined ladies. Our menu extends to include local and oriental dishes alongside a wide array of pastries, desserts and even local kuihs! Know that every order you place with deliCCia directly empowers our beneficiaries, ultimately bettering their lives.